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The collection is inspired by the love and infinity symbol entwined. This display was responsible for significant incremental sales for the collection, without any change in the product, location or marketing spend. The sales went up by 70% in AU and NZ and almost 100% in CA.

Christine Hill’s personal collection is inspired by the Totorere shell. The water wears out the shell over time and what remains is the core of the shell, the strongest part. The display symbolises the water and hence the fabric had a wave like pattern on it. The display also had curved layers symbolising the waves that wash up to the beach.

The Southern Star is the brightest star in the Southern Hemisphere. So this collection is a nod to the star and also the fact that the client has a strong southern heritage.

The display is designed to look like a constellation of stars.

Evermore Colourless is a collection of the worlds whitest diamonds. Only 5 % of the diamonds mined are considered colourless.

The collection display is a symbol of purity and is inspired by ice and glaciers.

The powder blue colour was used for the platinum rings of the collection.

Ideal Cut Diamonds are precison cut and have the most accurate refractions because of that.

The inspiration for the display was Coco Chanel, sharp architectural edges and minimalism.

Emma & Roe is a concept store that sells personalised jewelry.

These displays were created to fit in with the very unique brand identity.

The overall effect was to create a very unique store that could be identified from a distance.

Window Displays created for a client for seasonal campaigns.

The poster frame at the background allowed for campaign messaging.

All the props were flexible and could be configured differently as per the requirement of the campaign.