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The client brief here was to create a window display that stopped people in their tracks.

We created this window for the brightest diamond series.
The look and feel was of a royal archway.

The ring was placed on a rotor and there was a very bright LED light that was focussed directly onto the ring.
The diamond threw out very strong reflections, inviting people to come closer and admire this scintillation.

There is a series of products that are on special every month. These are ususally highlighted with a ticket.

The brief was to try and create a verstile display that would take from 4 products upto 20.

Each of the sections of this display were created to be flexible to be able to accomodate all kinds of jewellery.


The most commonly used method of pricing for jewellery is the clip on prices or stickers.

While these are very versatile, they are also very time consuming and can easily look haphazard in a large display.

Our client wanted us to present a solution to them that would be easy for their retail teams to use and still be visually appealing.


This collection was inspired by the royal mughal gardens of India. The look of the voew out of a royal pirncess’ window is what we tried to recreate.

A campaign for jewlery with coloured stones.
Each window was thematically set in purple, green or red.

A valentines day window which specifically targetted the yooung demographic.

A collection display that was created for jewlery with balck and blue diamonds. The collection was called citylights and
we chose to use an urban landscape as our inspiration for the display.

Everlight was a collection display created for dancing diamonds.
The diamonds are suspended between two hinges and the entire pendant moves to the beat of your heart.

The only way to demonstate this in a showcase was to add a rotor to the display unit.
This collection turned into one of the most popular collection of pendants.


One of the most complex displays we have attempted.
The brief was to create a display that would showcase the mini collections within the watch range.




Non padded lingerie and bodysuits normally dont have any hanger appeal.
Our brief was to create a simple unit that gave this product hanger appeal without taking up as much room as a mannequin or a body form.



This wire frame hanger was also used in the windows and hotspots, where there was no space to place a mannequin.


The mannequin forms used were always plastic and in the same posture.
To make the store look more dynamic, we introduced bust forms in various sizes and full body mannequins.
The colour palette was also changed to a metallic one to suit the store design language